Corporate Car Service and Private Chauffeurs

Excellence in transportation & accommodation

Mimo Limousine is Montreal’s premiere corporate limousine and chauffeur company, offering professional and reliable VIP transportation services and unparalleled customer service.

At Mimo, we understand the importance of safe, reliable and professional travel no matter your destination or pick up point. Our company offers a broad range of vehicles to suit any need or occasion, from top of the line luxury sedans to SUVs.

With years of experience servicing clients from business executives to travelers, we offer the ideal service to help you get from point A to point B in style and comfort.

Mimo Limousine is Montreal’s Top Choice for Corporate Car Services Including those for:

  • Travel agencies
  • Business and Luxury travelers
  • Corporations
  • Startups
  • Media and entertainment companies
  • Celebrities
  • And more…

Stylish and Luxurious Travel Accommodations

Our corporate car services have been proudly serving residents of Montreal and surrounding areas for years. We offer best in class vehicles and a customer-centric service model that ensures you the best experience possible.

Our fleet includes Luxury Models Such as:


Our line focuses on safety, comfort and luxurious accommodations that don’t disappoint. From the technology-forward Cadillac CT6 to the spacious and everlasting comfort of the Lincoln Navigator SUV, we have something special for all of your transportation needs.

24/7 Concierge Service

Exceptional service, dedicated concierge, and experience in high end travel accommodations make Mimo Limousine a corporate favorite. We’re dedicated to the experience of our services and making sure you and your guests arrive on time, every time.

Expansive Service Areas

We’ve proudly served as Montreal’s #1 Corporate Car Service for residents of:

The West Island
North & South Shore
Québec City
Bromont & Sutton
Magog & Sherbrooke
Mont Tremblant
And surrounding areas…

What Makes our Corporate Car Service Stand out?

Efficiency when it Matters Most

We know how to plan ahead, anticipate issues and circumvent bottle-necks, making your travel from your current location to the desired arrival point seamless, stress free and on time.

We know that travel can be stressful. Our professional corporate car service is designed to take that stress away, providing you with world class concierge, planning and streamlined travel. Pack your bags, and we’ll handle the rest.

Reliability you can Count On

Whether you need to arrive right on time or with an hour to spare, we’ll get you there exactly when you want to arrive. We know missing deadlines can be costly and our drivers take time to plan the most effective routes, plan ahead for any traffic, construction or local events that might impact travel itineraries, making sure you arrive safely and on time, every time.


Experience and Knowledge

Our drivers and chauffeurs are highly trained and have years of experience providing top notch corporate car services to our valued clients. An experienced driver knows the roads, capabilities of the vehicle, traffic patterns, logistics and more. They are courteous and friendly, but know their place and respect both your privacy and discretion.

Further, our staff are highly trained on following regulatory requirements and procedures, ensuring your safety as a top priority right along with the safety and security of your luggage and valuables.


Relaxed and Comfortable Ride

Need to prepare for a corporate business presentation or simply relax from the stresses of the day? Then, Mimo Limousine Car Service and Private Chauffeurs can help.

Creating and establishing a relaxing environment is part of our all-inclusive corporate car service packages at any level. We’ve all experienced the anxiety and stress of travel or jet lag from your latest flight. Our goal is to take the weight of the world off of your shoulders, letting you relax, unwind and focus on rejuvenating your mind and body.


Safety and Security as a Top Priority

At Mimo Limousine you are our most precious cargo. Our chauffeurs undergo expensive safety training with multiple vehicles and are tested to exhibit superior driving skills, including an in-depth understanding of each vehicle to ensure maximum safety and security.

Drivers are also trained on properly loading, securing and transporting of your luggage and other belongings, ensuring that both you and your cargo arrive in the same condition they were picked up in.

Courteous and Friendly

From receptionists to our drivers, you’ll experience friendly and courteous service. Professionalism and respect is an intrinsic part of what we do and how our team conducts themselves. Enjoy the added pampering of chauffeur-like care with opened and closed doors, assistance with loading and unloading luggage and more.

Respect of your Privacy & Discretion

A core component of our corporate car services is discretion and a deep understanding of protecting your privacy. Our drivers will answer questions and engage in conversation strictly within the confines of your direct questions and instigation of conversation.

Our drivers are held accountable to maintaining confidentiality of any conversations taken within the vehicle or within their presence.



Simple. We will show up when we say we do. Our team plans ahead, anticipates any logistic issues or complications in routes that might add to time to destinations. We know arriving on time is critical and can ease the pressure and stress of traveling or making deadlines such as check-in times for flights or other engagements.

We go the extra mile. For example, if a pick-up is scheduled “at home”, our drivers will arrive early and park nearby the residence so that they can arrive perfectly on time no matter what. This way we guarantee punctual arrival while not making the client feel rushed.


Local Expertise and Insights

Your driver is an asset that can be used for more than just their driving skills. Need information on how to navigate a downtown area or where the best restaurant is to make reservations? Our drivers can help. They are trained on local attractions, information and can provide detailed insights into the local scene. From helping you with attire, to advising you on where to purchase certain items, they’ve got you covered.

These small but crucial details can make for a more relaxing and productive trip.

Give us a call today and talk to one of our friendly service reps about reserving or scheduling transportation today.